4 Reasons Why Manufacturers Use Video Marketing

4 Reasons Why Manufacturers Use Video Marketing

Marketing is a key component of any company. This is what drives the success of businesses. Marketing is raising awareness of your business and selling your products. Without this, no business would survive, and the economy would collapse.

It is essential to do everything in your power to enhance your brand’s marketing strategy. Choosing not to improve it is extremely detrimental to the future of your brand. More companies realize this each day. This increases competition for you. Hence, it is imperative to upgrade your marketing strategy right away.

One highly neglected yet extremely effective marketing strategy is incorporating videos. No brand can afford to ignore video marketing. Their statistics have been outstanding, even miraculous relative to those not using video, irrespective of the target audience.

4 Reasons Why Manufacturers Use Video Marketing

 Given below are the four reasons why manufacturers use video marketing.

1.  Everyone Loves Videos

Videos are one of the most popular mediums of communication. In this fast-paced world, everyone is trying to be productive in the shortest time possible. They cannot afford to sit down to read a blog. However, if the same information is conveyed with paired audio and visual content, one can retain information more effectively and within a fraction of the time taken to read the blog.

This is true for both common consumers and B2B product buyers! Your targeted B2B audience is also humans. They enjoy learning about new products through videos rather than a boring booklet or blog. The world of social media has also become heavily video-based. This is proof that the world is beginning to rely more on video than reading material.

A study has shown that buyers would more likely stop to watch a video about a new product than read about it. Today, almost everyone has a personal smartphone. They can access the internet from it and watch almost anything on it. It is common sense that they would rather watch a video on YouTube rather than read about your product. Watching the product in use can also help viewers understand how to use the product better, meaning less hesitation in purchasing your product.

However, one must not be carried away when making these videos. A video too long can also lose the interest of viewers. Your video must be short and engaging. This will usher viewers to purchase your products.

2.  Videos Have Higher Engagement

Text content is relatively taxing and time-consuming to read, interpret, and understand than video content. Videos can attract potential B2B customers through dynamic visual and audio content. This drastically increases the chances of grabbing the attention of users scrolling through.

Typed content is generally overlooked before people can even comprehend the content. Hence, even though the content of your blogs may be interesting, one should try to convey the same through video content. This way, you can engage more viewers with only a single post. Think about yourself browsing through your favorite social media application. Would you rather read through the text or watch a 2-minute video on it?

Videos indeed engage the audience better, but another massive plus point to this form of content is its shareability. Compared to blogs or simple image posts, video forms tend to be most shared. You should use a video editor to enhance the quality of your videos further, as this boosts its shareability to the maximum.

Having shareable posts is an incredible way to expand reach. When posts are shared, especially by close friends or family members, you tend to read them with more care. This makes sharing an extremely powerful tool. Without it, your business reach would not grow exponentially, and a smaller number of people would gain awareness of your business.

3. Videos Directly Impact Sales

The main goal of marketing is to increase sales. As mentioned earlier, without sales, your business would not be sustainable. Therefore, without marketing, your business would not stay afloat. Marketing essentially is to educate people about your product. Videos are the best way to educate them. It has been observed that customers are more inclined to purchase a product after watching a video of it over other modes.

There are several videos that you can create to spike your sales. Here are a few:

  • How-To: Tutorial videos are the most-watched type of video available online. Whenever one is confused about how to do something, they immediately search on the internet. Generally, a list of videos will show up, and the person will have figured out their issue by the end. 
  • Explainer: Film a short video asking loyal customers and employees why your company is the best in a particular field. These honest reviews will urge B2B buyers to distribute your product. Using an explainer video creator can help you present these testimonials professionally and engagingly.
  • Demos: Before any investment, everyone is wary of whether it is worth it. Ensure your viewers don’t feel the same! Providing demo videos of your product can eliminate any hesitation your customers may feel. From this video, they should have a clear understanding of what to do.

4. Your Competitors are Ahead of You

Perhaps letting one’s competitors surpass their business is one of the most harmful things you can do to your company. The same goes for your manufacturing business. There are a hundred thousand businesses today taking advantage of this effective marketing strategy, and the number is only increasing. If you avoid doing the same, you will fall behind, and gradually, your hard work will become irrelevant.

Hundreds of manufacturers have incorporated video into their marketing strategies and are successfully luring in distributors for their products. To gain a better understanding of what type of videos you should make, we encourage you to go online and study your competitors. Not only will you get inspired, but you will also learn how to get ahead of the competition.

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Many manufacturers back away from creating videos due to the hefty budget needed. One needs to buy videography equipment, and editing software, or hire, professionals. However, we are here to tell you otherwise. One can create professional-looking videos at home with a minimal budget if suitable sources are used. Additionally, the return on investment of video marketing is extremely high. Don’t waste your time and fall behind. Start today to give your business the recognition it deserves.


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